First i wanted to start with an open question, so please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you made your way to photography? Is photographer your daily job or do you work in another one?

When I was younger and definately not mature at all I was in love with many photos I have seen here, on DevArt. Few years ago my dad bought digital camera. In those years it was a good camera, me and dad were using it for taking photos on our walks, photos of nature or our dog ;) Later I used to take camera on parties, to school, I started to shoot photos everywhere. It was just fun for me, then I started to make mini sessions with my friends.

They wanted cool photos to put on myspace for example. I wanted more and more. But i realized i can’t make better photos couse of camera I was using. I asked my family for something much better, my dream was to get Canon or Nikon, but digital SLR camera.
Photography is not my job and it never will be. I’m still in high-school, I dont know what i will be doing later.

Second i’d like to know whats your inspiration and how do you find it?

My inspirations? I have none i think :D I just take camera to my hands i the magic begins :P But i can say what photos i like: the one’s with blood, with a lot of nudity but must be a female body :), dark, sad and melanholic photos… u know suzie9mm? (or something like that) Her photos was my first love on DA.

Third question is with which equipment you take your photos and edit them?

EOS 350D and Photoshop 7 :) I’m kinda like dinosaur in this days!

Fourth question is do you have a specific photo which you like the most?

Just one? :( Hehehe! I have one rule here: i always like that photos, which are liked by noone. Example? Here u go:

Fifth are there other photographers here on deviantart you’d like to suggest for their incredible photography skills?

Hmm… There are too many great artists on DA. I can’t give an example couse i only add photo to fav’s and I dont care about anything else.. Yeah, I’m rude sometimes.

Last question how can my readers reach you? Deviantart ID – Twitter – Blog – Website and so on…

U can find me on Facebook but I’m hard to find :>
search by mail, which beed given on :) I have no other sites at the moment.

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