First i wanted to start with an open question, so please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you made your way to photography? Is photographer your daily job or do you work in another one?

So, my name is Gabriela Mester, I live in Romania and I’m a 20 years old photographer. Since I was a little girl I loved photography. I allways asked my sister to let me use her compact camera 😀 My dream is that somedoay I will be abble to work as a profesional photographer with a company or something like this.

Second i’d like to know whats your inspiration and how do you find it?

I am inspired by almost everything. But there are days when I just can’t find my inspiration anywhere, it’s likeeverything disappeared and it’s lost.

Third question is with which equipment you take your photos and edit them?

I use Olympus E-520 i.s with 40-150mm lens, and I eddit my photos with Photoshop CS3 and PhotoScape.

Fourth question is do you have a specific photo which you like the most?

I can’t choose just one photo. Each photo has a special story. So I’m sorry but I can’t choose just one photo.

Fifth are there other photographers here on deviantart you’d like to suggest for their incredible photography skills?

Yes, of course.
*iNeedChemicalX, *jaimeibarra, =alejka, *m0thyyku, *fhrankee and so many others.

Last question how can my readers reach you? Deviantart ID – Twitter – Blog – Website and so on…

You can reach me on devianART by sending a note to =leelloor or by sending an e-mail to

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