A short online documentary by Kyle Couture about the underground culture and sport of rollerblading. The documentary expresses the views and opinions of several rollerbladers who have an undying passion for the sport outsiders overlook. The sport has been discarded by the mainstream deemed unpopular and left behind in the extreme sports craze. The documentary features some of the best rollerbladers from the east coast and the world including Andrew Smolak, Brian Long, Dylan Shippee, Gabe Holm, Jeff Dalnas, John O‘ Donnell, Keegan Smith, Mark Wojda, Mo Marzuq, Ross Anthony, Taylor Green, Tim Kelly and more.

Fuck, einfach genial! Gerade beim MC Winkel gefunden, schon ewig her dass ich auf meinen stand. Aber die werden wohl Morgen definitiv mal wieder Tageslicht sehen, so ne geniale Doku über Rollerblader, dazu derbe Musik und ne klasse Bildsprache. Was will man mehr ?

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