Remy Labesque zeigt uns wie heute schnell überholte technische Gadgets in Würde altern können. Unter anderem bekommen wir sein iPhone aus der ersten Generation, welches mittlerweile drei Jahre auf dem Buckel hat und seine sieben Jahre alte Canon Digicam zu sehen. Interessanter Einblick!

„Both the iPhone and the analog Canon served useful lives and have been replaced with their newest counterparts. The iPhone is being retired after 3 years because its touchscreen has stopped working. In contrast, the point-and-shoot camera works like new after 7 full years, but is being retired because it’s not digital. It’s funny how sometimes a low-tech product can outlive a high-tech one because there are fewer components to fail. So here we have two well-worn objects in product purgatory. Before they are sent away to be dismantled and melted away, I’d like to take a moment to examine their materiality and how it has aged with time. At a glance both products are a satin-finish silver color, but upon closer investigation their battle scars reveal the stuff they’re actually made of. „

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