Gestern habe ich ja schon ein wenig über deviantART geschrieben, heute möchte ich euch auch schon den ersten Künstler vorstellen welchen ich dort getroffen habe. Hierzu hab ich ein kleines Interview mit *aktinos geführt, hoffe es findet Anklang bei euch. Über Kommentare würde ich mich freuen, auch gerne mit Anregungen was man besser machen kann beim Interview.

First i wanted to start with an open question, so please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you made your way to photography? Is photographer your daily job or do you work in another one?

Photography is not my daily job, just a long running passion that evolved out of my curiousity for the natural world. My daily job is as an organic chemist developing drugs for treatment of cancer. My work is the result of such curiosity as a passion to understand the way things work and to learn the new.

I began shooting black and white film photography when I was 18 (I am now 26) as part of school. I learned to develop my own film and print my own photographs. At first it was as much science to me as it was art. At its most basic, film photography is just physics and chemistry. Eventually this interest evolved into a hobby that went beyond technique and into the art itself, and this is where digital photography became a real passion for me. There is not limit to what you can do with a digital camera, and the permutations are endless when using a computer to process an image.

When I have more space to develop and print I am sure I will return to film photography, but for now I am hooked on digital photography. I bought my first digital camera 2 years ago, and when I have time am always trying to get out an explore, shoot and improve my abilities. Photography always has been a hobby, maybe someday it will be something more.

Second i’d like to know whats your inspiration and how do you find it?

Although I feel I have intrinsically developed a style, I am still not satisfied with how I choose to post process my work. Users on deviant art are my inspiration. I am constantly studying others work for what makes their photos interesting. Composition, color contrast, black and white toning, focus; I carefully breakdown an image that is inspirational to me into these elements for how they make a photo interesting, and try to apply this to my own photos.

Third question is with which equipment you take your photos and edit them?

I shoot a Nikon 35mm FE2 camera for film photography. For digital photography I shoot on a Nikon APS format D90. I use a B+W polarizer for landscape photography and a B+W ND110 for long exposure photography (German glass, its fantastic stuff!). I recently purchased a Manfrotto 190xprob tripod, for portability, with a panning 498rc2 ball head for shooting panoramas. For film photography I shoot and print exclusively with ilford products. For digital photography I post process with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Nikon Color EFEX and Nikon Silver EFEX plug ins on my iMac.

Fourth question is do you have a specific photo which you like the most?

On my page probably 0015

This photograph was the result of truly amazing and lucky timing. The photography was exposed for 20 seconds, and the sun came out for the last seconds giving the orange glint off the glass.

Other personal favs

Are there other photographers here on deviantart you’d like to suggest for their incredible photography skills?

  • Kevins work is abstract and minimalistic. One of my favorite photographers on deviant, he does very original work.
  • Shooting the German countryside, Lothars work is beautiful to look at, he has a wonderful style that is punchy and vibrant.
  • Acukur is a brilliant photographer, I cannot get enough of his black and white images.
  • Finally, the work of Mustafadedeoglu. Shooting people, and capturing a moment or emotion, is in my opinion the most difficult form of photography. Mustafa does this brilliantly, with an amazing style the rewards the eye.

Last question how can my readers reach you? Deviantart ID – Twitter – Blog – Website and so on…

At the moment the best way to reach my is through my Deviantart ID.

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