Eric Kim, bekannt als Street Photographer, war ein wenig in Detroit unterwegs „The Beautiful Decay of Detroit, Michigan“ und lässt uns mit seinen Bildern an seinen Eindrücken teilhaben. Wie es zu seiner kleinen Fototour gekommen ist lest ihr hier:

The past weekend I visited Detroit, Michigan. After recently watching the Chrysler Eminem Superbowl Commercial – Imported from Detroit, I have built a fascination for the city. On one hand, it is a gorgeous and urban city with tons of history. On the other hand, the economy of Detroit is in terrible shape and it shows with the desolate feeling of Downtown. However after talking to some residents of the city, they feel proud of Detroit and feel that it is on its way back up again. I definitely think that Detroit will rise once again to greatness, considering that GM is hitting record numbers of sales (and there are talks that they’re opening a Corvette plant down there).

All in all, the city of Detroit as the city was gorgeous in my eyes–raw, urban, and cold. I hope you enjoy my images and my personal narrative of the city.

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