Dieses Haus mit dem Namen the Floating House befindet sich direkt auf dem Huron See in Ontario, Kanada und wurde von MOS Architects entworfen. Das Haus wurde so entworfen, dass es sich den unterschiedlichen Wasserständen des Sees anpasst. Schaut auf jeden Fall sehr interessant aus das Ganze.

Using traditional construction processes would have been prohibitively expensive; the majority of costs would have been applied toward transporting building materials to the remote island. Instead, we worked with the contractor to devise a prefabrication and construction process that maximized the use of the unique character of the site: Lake Huron as a waterway.
Construction materials were instead delivered to the contractor’s fabrication shop, located on the lake shore. The steel platform structure with incorporated pontoons was built first and towed to the lake outside the workshop. On the frozen lake, near the shore, the fabricators constructed the house.
The structure was then towed to the site and anchored. In total, between the various construction stages, the house traveled a total distance of approximately 80 km on the lake.

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